About Belles Farm
and its founder Marc Silverman

I started Belles Farm in 2013 to provide a “foundry” to develop and distribute meaningful mobile apps based on performance assessment technology. The Company’s namesake is “Belle.” Belle is a very smart and sweet three-year-old Australian Shepherd. She shares my values, likes good snacks and likes to look out the window when I write code.

I'm a former engineer and medical device CEO and now a mobile developer, adviser and investor, with lots of experience in business development and building, licensing and marketing performance assessment technologies. I am most interested helping seniors age in their communities, and concussion and Parkinson's Disease research and treatment. I am passionate about bringing accessible products and services to these groups so they can live better lives.

In my previous life I co-founded several healthcare companies and developed innovative and meaningful products, raised over $100 million in venture capital, and almost always provided a return-on-investment through IPO and acquisition. My companies sold products to (and consulted for) major healthcare institutions, Fortune 1000 companies, major-league baseball, the NHL, NASA, US Olympic Training Center, NCAA Division I universities, and many more. I’m now focused on “giving back.”

I guest lecture at my local business school and many other business forums. I always talk about “meaningful entrepreneurship” and the philosophy of creating products and services that will benefit society. I believe that capitalism, entrepreneurship and philanthropy can, and do co-exist. Talented entrepreneurs can create meaningful things that will benefit society and they can make money and be satisfied.

This is exactly what I’m doing with the Belles Farm family of products. The products I’m building are needed, and they provide benefit to those that need them. I’m also convinced that I can create a sustainable business doing this. Time will tell on that one.

Oh, and I love to hang out with my wife, play guitar and ride my mountain bike.