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Mobile technologies for performance assessment, concussion diagnostics and rehabilitation, Parkinson’s Disease research and treatment, and “aging at home.”

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Featured Apps:

My Canary

My Canary

Canary is your personal mental and physical performance monitor.

  • Assess your memory
  • Assess your reaction time
  • Assess your time perception
  • Assess your balance
  • See how your performance compares to last week, yesterday, an hour ago

Are you at your best?

Canary knows.

Canary is based on decades of research and was developed by several of the world’s top human performance experts.

iTug Clinic

Timed Up and Go (TUG) is a standard neurological assessment procedure. The patient starts by sitting on a chair, he\she stands up, take a couple of steps, turn back, return to the chair and sit down again. For the most part TUG is used for motor assessment but there is evidence that the test can provide cognitive indicators as well. Traditionally, TUG test is performed by a clinician who observes the patient while performing the test, by the end of which a subjective impression is given by the clinician.

Using the smartphone integral sensors we turn the test into instrumental-TUG (iTUG)


You can record, view, analyze and share the TUG test results via email.

A complete database is kept on each individual iPhone.

iTug Clinic

iTug Home

Timed Up and Go (TUG) is a standard neurological assessment procedure.

Using you iPhone internal sensors we turn the test into instrumental-TUG (iTUG).

iTUG Home allows you to run the test at home at your own time, the results will be automatically sent to your treating physician who can remotely monitor your status.

The test is simple to run and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

iTug Home

CP Concussion

A specialized tool to measure memory, visual acuity, balance and time perception and to collect and trend individual information for post-concussed athletes. Includes non-biased, objective and subjective evaluation measures. Incorporates standard SCAT 3 test.

It is currently in use by NHL teams to monitor concussed athletes.


PD Me Icon

PD Me Tools

PD Me Tools (Parkinson Disease Measurement Tools) allows you to take full advantage of the technology already available in your iPhone to quickly and easily identify Parkinson’s-related issues associated with cognition, reaction time and visual tests. Using PD Me Tools, you can monitor progression of the disease over time as well as the effects of medications on your day-to-day performance. You can also use the tools in PD Me Tools to track and identify changes in many common symptoms of Parkinson’s such as fatigue, pain, tremor as well as many non-motor issues such as depression and swallowing issues.

In under two minutes, you can take advantage of the technology already available in your iPhone to track and manage symptoms of your Parkinson’s disease.

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